The real cost of a commercial boiler breakdown

Commercial boiler breakdown

The real cost of a commercial boiler breakdown

Let’s take a minute to imagine what would happen if your commercial boiler broke down. Most people would say ‘just get a replacement’ but, without the proper measures, that’s a lot easier said than done.

When your boiler breaks unexpectedly

If you’re at work and your boiler breaks down, this could first impact your business productivity. Or, if your processes rely on hot water, they will stop, and you’ll lose huge amounts of revenue. And if it’s winter, then your staff are now cold as well as unmotivated.

They can‘t even wash their hands with warm water, so they get irritated. They shouldn’t have to work in an uncomfortable environment, and often they won’t. Their productivity will soon fall, and if temperatures dip too low, they’ll go home. With no one to carry out the vital tasks in your business, you can’t generate income. Who knows how long this will last?

The price you pay

So, you call a heating engineer as quickly as possible. You want them to come now, but they’re busy. So now you need to wait a few hours because you don‘t have a reliable service cover. Money is now seeping from your business. You aren‘t generating anything, and you have to pay a hefty emergency call out fee which could set you back an average of £135, maybe more on an evening or weekend.

When the engineer finally arrives, the verdict is clear – you need a new boiler. Now you’re paying the heating engineer their hourly salary (an average of £60 or £90 during evenings and weekends), the call-out fee, and all the time you’re going without a working boiler your business is suffering. But it doesn’t stop there. You need to pay for the new boiler if you want to get things back up and running which could be £2,000 or more, depending on your commercial needs, and the installation costs.

In one day you have lost thousands of pounds, and the worst part is, this could have been easily avoided.

Get your boiler serviced

An annual service for your commercial boiler will make all the difference in preventing unexpected, expensive breakdowns. Getting your boiler checked in the summer, once a year, means your heating engineer will highlight any looming problems. If there are any, you have time to get the money together to afford a newer, more energy efficient boiler, and you’ll sort the problem before the cold winter hits and you need your boiler more than ever.

The best part is, you can be protected against the cost of emergency call outs and boiler services with affordable service cover. You don’t have to worry about one small problem costing you thousands. Who knew there was such a simple solution to such a major problem for UK businesses?

While this is possibly the worst-case scenario, this situation is all too common in British businesses (speaking from experience). If you want to protect your business with effective service cover, get in touch with the experts at GOS Heating on 01772 734 966.

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