3 questions to ask your commercial plumbing and heating engineer

3 questions to ask your commercial plumbing and heating engineer

Running your own business means you’re juggling everything at once. When you’re trying to keep your company afloat, certain things might seem less important, such as your plumbing and heating. But it needs just as much attention as anything else.

You might think that as long as they can get the job done, who cares? You’ll care when you get ripped off or left with an inferior end result. To combat cowboys in the industry, these are our top three essential questions to ask prospective plumbing and heating companies.

Are they gas safe registered?

The first place to start is to look at their accreditations. Are they, for example, Gas Safe registered? Are they professional enough to follow the rules and regulations? Knowing this information is critical. The last thing you need is to spend money on a service that leaves you feeling the cold.

Our advice here is to do your research; don’t take their word for it. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If they aren’t accredited, avoid at all costs as your boiler could end up broken soon after being installed, or you could risk a nasty gas leak. Read some reviews to see what other customers have to say. You can also check the Gas Safe Registry here.

How established are they?

Experience can be a fantastic way to tell whether or not a company provides a reputable and quality service or not. Look at how experienced they are as a business. It can point to being a legitimate business that is clued up on the industry and has a history of getting the best job done. If they have a good few years behind them, it’s likely that your heating system will be in safe hands.

But what if they’re a new company? Isn’t that unfair? Very true, but experience goes beyond the lifespan of a business. See if you can find out how long the owner has been in the industry. They might have opened the company last week, but they also might have 15 years of experience to back them up. Failing that, see where they studied and how well they did.

Do you offer competitive prices?

Broken heating systems, expensive repairs, and inefficiency can cost your school, care home, business, or office. Make sure you note costs before choosing a company. Do research and compare prices of competitors to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

Remember to check the small print, so you aren’t left with surprise fees. You should be paying for a quality service and products. Look into whether or not they offer repair services too, so you’re not stuck with a freezing building if the worst-case scenario does strike.

If companies don’t provide you with the answers you’re looking for, cross them off your list. Choosing a business who know what they’re doing and won’t rip you off can take time now but will pay off in the long run.

At GOS we offer reliable and Gas Safe registered commercial and residential services that don’t compromise on cost, quality, or safety. Get in touch today on 01772 734 966 to find out how we can help you.

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