Shower Installations

Say goodbye to cold, inefficient showers and come to GOS Heating for your new shower installation in Preston


Should you require a local plumber in Preston to attend to your central heating needs, GOS Heating are by far the team you should call. With years of experience in catering to a range of plumbing needs, GOS Heating are the professionals you can trust. We provide a variety of plumbing and heating services throughout Preston, and our central heating service is one of our most popular. Being left in a cold home or without heating isn’t an enjoyable experience, so our team are here to ensure that this is for as short a time as possible.

Our team take great pride in all the plumbing and heating services we offer, from our central heating to general plumbing, GOS Heating will always strive to deliver the best results. This alone makes us one of the leading choices when you require a Preston Plumber.


Whatever your needs for a shower installation in Preston, look no further than GOS Heating. Our team are renowned for offering a prompt, professional service. Don’t delay or put off having a new shower installed, instead choose GOS Heating to cater to your every need. We will be there to provide a top-quality shower installation service in Preston, putting you in control of your new bathroom design. Waste no time in choosing GOS Heating for your shower installation in Preston, we want to provide the best results for your new bathroom!


If you’re thinking about having a new shower installed in your Preston home, then GOS Heating are the professionals to choose. Our team are honest, reliable, and efficient in providing the best service to all our clients. We will work closely with you and your individual needs to ensure you’re your new shower is perfect in every way.

Come and find out more about GOS Heating and give our team a call today.

Providing One of the Best Shower Installations Around

Showers come in a range of sizes and styles, but the most important thing is to ensure that your shower is best suited to you. To achieve this, GOS Heating are here to provide your new shower installation in Preston. We will work to deliver the right shower to best suit your needs, giving you full control of the outcome of your new shower installation.

We have been installing showers in Preston for over 50 years now, so no matter your needs or requirements, GOS Heating are confident to say that we can help. The team at GOS Heating want to cater to your every need, giving you the ultimate finish to your shower installation in Preston.

Local Shower Installations Preston

For the best local shower installations in Preston, GOS Heating are the plumbers you can count on. With over 5 decades of experience, our team are dedicated to providing the best possible service to all our customers. Whether you opt for a free-standing shower or wet room, the team at GOS Heating are always just a phone call away to get things started.

We also offer shower installations in Blackpool and Blackburn.


As a rule at GOS Heating, we provide quotes on an individual basis. This then allows us to ensure that we offer the best competitive quotes to our clients, as well as providing a cost-effective solution for your new shower installation. To receive your free quote, please get in touch with GOS Heating today.

First of all, don’t panic. GOS Heating have repaired and serviced showers across Preston for over 50 years now. Simply call our team and we will do our best to help.

In most cases, you will find that your boiler can manage having the improvements of a new shower. In situations where your boiler is put under too much pressure, GOS Heating will provide further advice regarding a new boiler, giving you maximum comfort in your plumbing and heating system.

Avoid disappointment and come to GOS Heating today for new shower installation in Preston.