Commercial Boiler Cover

Commercial Boiler Cover

GOS Heating has been installing, servicing and maintaining commercial boilers for many years and have personnel trained and dedicated to the function.

We offer servicing and repairs for Commercial Boilers including:

– Gas
– Oil fired
– Biomass
– Heat Pumps (Air Source and Ground Source)

Typical installations might include:

– Commercial offices
– Factories
– Farms
– Schools
– Colleges
– Commercial greenhouses etc.
– Swimming pool boilers
– Service and repairs to Commercial gas laundry

We can offer:

– Free surveys & report for taking on current working installations
– Comprehensive boiler and plant room surveys
– Emergency call out
– Regular servicing & maintenance
– Boiler & systems replacement when they are beyond economic repair

Commercial Boiler Cover

Comprehensive Surveys

We often take over exiting installations that over the years have suffered from poor or no maintenance. We also come across situations where boilers and systems have been incorrectly installed and have to reconfigure or replace them so that they work as specified. This then reduces maintenance and energy costs as a poorly installed boiler can cost a lot of money.

The survey will cover:

– Whether current installation is installed correctly, complies with regulations and is fit for purpose.
– Whether it is economic to maintain and if parts are obsolete or not.
– Energy efficiency of the building, plant room, boiler and associated systems.
– Cost of replacement boiler and equipment if the boiler is beyond economic repair

For further information or to book in a free initial assessment of your commercial boiler or plant room installation. Please call 01772 734 966 or email for more information.