GOS Heating - Team and Van Photo 2019

About GOS Heating

GOS Heating is a family business that has been trading successfully for over 50 years. They have an enviable reputation for being experts at what they do and work hard to deliver what they promise. GOS are small enough to care and big enough to take on the most challenging of projects.

GOS are often brought in to solve problems left by others. For example, we had to replace an air conditioning system that was on top of a four storey building. GOS have invested heavily in renewable technology because our customers were asking for solutions and wanted to use a company they could trust.

When buying from GOS whether its a new boiler for your flat, replacing a boiler in a football stadium or servicing a biomass boiler in the hills, GOS always start with what you want and the problem you are trying to solve. This means we work with you to diagnose the problem and identify the most cost effective solution. If you have a limited budget they will work with you to identify a solution that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

GOS look after a lot of landlords and as managing property can mean spinning a lot of plates, the systems at GOS mean that you never miss a service or renewal of a CP12. The emergency call out service means that tenants are never long without hot water or heating.

This level of service means that as a home owner you can be rest assured that whenever you have an emergency you won’t be long without hot water and heating.

GOS internal systems mean that they can track jobs from beginning to end and ensure that the job is done right first time.

So whatever your problem with your plumbing, heating, electrical or renewable technology and whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, we are here to help.