Commercial Boiler Installation

Commercial Boiler Installations

A domestic boiler has a range up to 70kw. Above 70kw the installation is considered to be commercial. For example, if you had two 50kw boilers connected to the same system, this would then be classified as a commercial installation because the total is greater than 70kw.
GOS Heating are accredited to work on commercial boilers and we work on all sizes of installations.

Commercial boilers lose efficiency over time. Despite regular maintenance, over prolonged periods, components suffer from wear and tear. This means that they eventually cost more to run and cost more in energy usage.

At some point in the life of a commercial boiler it becomes more cost effective to replace it with a more efficient boiler. This is because the recent developments in technology mean that boilers are becoming more efficient.

Commercial Boiler Installation

Key Steps for a Commercial Boiler Installation

Before replacing a commercial boiler we do a survey as quite often the ancillary equipment is of a similar age and often the technology has improved and the design superseded. This means its important to take a fresh look at the whole installation before deciding on a specific solution.

The steps we take may include some or all of the following:

– Free initial assessment of your commercial boiler installation to identify the scope of the work.
– The survey will identify a range of options for replacing your commercial boiler and associated systems.
– A comprehensive quote can then be prepared with a range of options so that a solution can be found that fits your commercial objectives.
– Once a solution has been selected then a construction phase plan can be prepared and agreed.
– Before work can progress risk assessments and method statements are then prepared and the work planned in around your requirements.
– After the installation, we provide manuals for operations and maintenance plus a full plan of plant room is provided.
– We offer comprehensive after sales care so that you have complete peace of mind that your new installation will work as specified for years to come.

For further information or to book in a free initial assessment of your commercial boiler or plant room installation. Please call 01772 734 966 or email for more information.