Four common problems with commercial boilers

Common problems with commercial boilers

Four common problems with commercial boilers

If having hot water is vital to your business operations, you should always ensure that your boiler is functioning correctly. Even if hot water isn’t a part of your main processes, it’s still just as important to make sure your facilities are adequately heated and there’s hot water, so your staff are comfortable. After all, happy staff are 20% more productive than those who aren’t. So, here are some common problems with commercial boilers you should look out for.

Loss of pressure

If you want your boiler to work efficiently at optimum capacity, make sure the steam pressure is constant. Similar to your home boiler, it needs to be within the high and low points. Loss of pressure is commonly caused by steam leakage, which sometimes, you can’t see. There could also be problems with the return system like the check valve, feed pumps, or steam traps.

Water leaks

Water leaks are never a good sign. Even if there’s no water visibly dripping, many boilers experience steam leaks which are forced out of the stack. If this occurs, you may need to get a plumber in to fix the problem and get your boiler working correctly again.


Built-up scale and debris can increase your energy bills through heat loss throughout the system. It’s best to get a professional heating engineer to solve these problems and help you prevent reoccurrence.

A loud boiler

Strange and loud noises coming from your boiler might signal that there is air in the system. A knocking, gurgling, or whistling sound might mean the water pressure is too low or even that that there is a buildup of limescale. Loud noises aren’t something you should ignore. It’s best to get your boiler checked by an experienced professional to prevent any current problems worsening.

The best and cheapest way to maintain a healthy and efficient boiler is to get an annual service from a reputable plumbing and heating company. This is frequent enough to identify developing problems and stop them in their tracks before they result in issues that are expensive to fix.

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