Underfloor Heating

Warm up your floors with underfloor heating from GOS Heating!


If coming downstairs to cold flooring is getting you down, and you long for extra warmth in your home, underfloor heating is what dreams are made of! Our heating experts can install heated flooring in your home in Preston, giving you a much warmer home all year round.

You may not believe it, but heated flooring is perfect all year round. Say goodbye to mornings of coming downstairs to freezing flooring, or Winter nights of cooking in the kitchen with cold feet. Instead, you can set your heating to go before you arise or cook, giving you full advantage of a warm, and cosy home.


In our experience, our clients have loved having underfloor heating in their home in Preston. Not only for heated flooring throughout their home, but extra warmth too. They have expressed enjoying nothing more than having a toasty home for all twelve months of the year.

Forget the days of warming up by the fire, and instead you can enjoy a heated room starting from the floor upwards! This is the perfect way to maintain your home, both during Summer and the Winter months.

For many years now, GOS Heating have been installing heated flooring in Preston. No matter the size of your property, or the areas you wish to have underfloor heating installed, the team at GOS Heating are here to help. This itself shows why we are one of the leading choices when you require underfloor heating in Preston.

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As a team of friendly and professional heating engineers in Preston, GOS Heating are at your call to deal with all your heating needs. From central heating to underfloor heating, it’s good to know you can count on the team at GOS Heating.

Learn more about our team and the services we provide and give GOS Heating a call today.

Catering to a Range of Heating Needs

Our main aim here at GOS Heating is to keep your warm and happy at home. Be it with our plumbing or heating services, we want to ensure that you’re needs are taken care of. This starts with our first initial phone call and is continuous throughout our service. We will be there to help you with all your heating and plumbing needs, from the installation on your underfloor heating right through to providing maintenance and servicing. We’ll be there to help!

Control your heating with ease by choosing GOS Heating for your underfloor heating in Preston. Using the precise thermostats, you can choose where you want the heat to direct and at what time. This gives you full control and advantage when choosing to warm up your home in the best and efficient way.

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Based in Preston, GOS Heating are proud to provide heated flooring services throughout our local area. Our heating specialists have you covered with all aspects of heating, from your heated flooring installation through to a boiler repair. We’ll always be happy to help you no matter what.

We also offer underfloor heating services in Blackpool and Blackburn.


In our experience, we have known underfloor heating to be cheaper and more efficient than standard radiators. This will depend on your current charge for heating.

The cost of our underfloor heating installation is priced on an individual basis. This ensures that our quotes are as accurate as possible and beneficial to you. Receive your free quote by calling our team today.

We’re confident that it will be! All new UK properties are suitable for underfloor heating as they meet the strict guidelines on insulation and air tightness. If you’re worried about your property still may not be suitable, please call our team today and we will do our best to help.

Get in touch with GOS Heating today to find out more about our underfloor heating service, and don’t forget to ask for your free quote!