Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries can be a great asset when working in conjunction with a Solar PV system. The reason is that solar PV generates electricity during day and then a solar battery will store the electricity for when it is most likely to be used during the evening when everybody returns from school and work.

Solar batteries have the greater benefit for people who may be away from home during day time hours. Although Solar PV will feed your base load appliances such as fridge, freezer and other stand by items it is often the case that excessive energy will be sent back to the National Grid. This export rate is paid at a significantly reduced rate compared to the purchase price. Having Solar Batteries installed will significantly reduce or potentially eliminate previously exported (non-utilised) energy, increasing household savings. Most domestic PV installations have a deemed 50% export meaning that despite utilising a great proportion of the generated energy, you will still receive your export payment as normal.

Individual circumstances may result in not utilising the full generating capacity and this is where GOS offers a solar battery solution.

Benefits of solar batteries:

Maximize your self-consumption of solar power. Installing batteries allows you to consume all the excess power yourself, when you want it.

Constant access to electricity in your home. Different events, such as faults at power stations, damage to electric transmission lines or the overloading of electricity mains can sometimes result in power cuts. A system that pairs solar with batteries ensures that you have resilient power in these situations. The solar panels generate your electricity, while the batteries allow you to use the stored energy even if there is no sun.

Take your home off-grid with minimal fossil fuel usage. Recently, batteries have emerged as a viable solution, led by better technology and lower costs. Now, you can go off-grid using little to no fossil fuels by pairing solar with batteries.

Solar batteries come in various sizes and storage capacity. Each have their own characteristics and technology. Batteries can be made from a range of materials such as Lithium-ion batteries and Salt Water batteries. These characteristics affect the batteries’ life-span and efficiency. Battery life depends on a number of factors such as storage temperature and depth of discharge (DOD). A better-quality battery is able to discharge a higher percentage of stored energy allowing full use of the battery capacity. Most batteries installed by GOS have a depth of discharge of 90% or greater and come with a 10-year warranty*.

Our installers will leave you with written details of all maintenance checks you should undertake to ensure your system is working properly. GOS can also provide you with cover if you don’t wish to carry out these routine maintenance checks yourself.

*Please see your particular warranty period on your personalised quote.