HVAC Services

HVAC Services

A properly installed and maintained HVAC installation has numerous benefits.

Maintained comfort levels – Ensuring the comfort of both clients and employees is essential and there is no easier or more efficient way to manage comfort levels than with controls that are automated and clearly displayed.

Reduced complaints and increased productivity – When the building is more comfortable, there are fewer complaints to deal with. Building automation creates better air quality and ventilation, reducing employee sick time. The result is higher morale and a more productive environment.

Lower maintenance costs – By easily controlling and monitoring building conditions, the supervisor can reduce total run time on heating and cooling equipment. Reduced run time will result in less ‘wear and tear’ which in turn, significantly decreases repair costs over time.

Simplified building operations – It can be difficult to identify what’s happening in all areas of your building. Computerised controls and displays make it easier to see what the equipment in all parts of the building is doing, even areas hard to access. It allows you to see which component is at fault so it can be repaired sooner.

HVAC Services and Repairs

So how do we help you ensure that you have a correctly working HVAC system?

At GOS Heating, we have access to a wide range of Building Control products and services. Being vendor independent allows us to take an unbiased approach, offering the best solution for every individual project.

We are able to work on a wide range of projects and what we do varies on who we are working for. Projects may include some or all of the following:

– Design
– Planning
– Project Management
– Installation
– System Optimisation
– Documentation
– Training
– Servicing & Maintenance

In addition to project work we also offer consultancy.

HVAC Consultancy

 GOS Heating Ltd offer a wide range of consultancy services to provide professional expert advice on all your existing HVAC systems and controls, ranging from:

Energy Management
Building control optimisation
Technical Support
Client Training
– P
ost work inspections and verification
Compliance Reporting
Condition Surveys

Planned Preventative Maintenance

An effective planned maintenance program can offer your company:

– Cost savings on energy usage, with increased efficiency of HVAC plant and equipment
Reduce down time and disruption
Lower ongoing maintenance costs, by reducing costly reactive repair visits
Increasing the life span of your HVAC assets
Support regulatory compliance.

For more information and a free initial assessment of your HVAC systems, please call 01772 734 966 or email info@gosheating.co.uk for more information.