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Solar thermal

Solar thermal and solar PV: what’s the difference?

Solar thermal and solar PV: what’s the difference? Technology was always going to find ways of using the sun’s energy. After all, it delivers more energy to Earth in an hour than we use in a year from fossil, nuclear, and all renewable sources combined. It’s why the renewables energy has been such a hit,…

Nuclear power

Is nuclear power the best alternative to fossil fuels?

Is nuclear power the best alternative to fossil fuels? Finding an alternative energy source to fossil fuels should be a number one priority. And here in the UK, we are slowly, slowly changing this. However, the fact remains that in 2017, only 10.2% of final energy consumption came from renewable sources – an increase from…

Cooler Installation

Mitsubishi e-series cooler installation

Mitsubishi e-series cooler installation It’s not only households that struggle with boiler and heating breakdowns at the most inconvenient times. For many commercial businesses, this can be an expensive problem that reduces staff productivity. They also they have the added challenge of cooling to worry about. For Contour Homes in West Didsbury, the breakdown of…

Wind farm GOS Heating

A short guide to renewable energy

A short guide to renewable energy Renewable energy is our future. There is no doubt about it. With the population increasing at the rate it is, and our energy consumption growing at an even higher rate, it is impossible to go on using our current, non-renewable sources of energy.  Our central heating, hot water, phones,…

Tesla Electric Car

Electric cars: Driving down to electric avenue.

Driving down to electric avenue There are no two ways about it. Certain resources on our planet are running out. Science and technology industries, most notably Tesla, are paving the way for renewable sources of energy, and new ways to reduce environmental damage. One of these new directions comes in the form of the electric…