Ensure your boiler guarantee/warranty is valid

Boiler guarantee

Ensure your boiler guarantee/warranty is valid

An excellent guarantee is always something to look for when getting a new boiler. It’s a reliable way to ensure a warm and comfortable home for years to come. But people aren’t aware of certain rules that need to be followed to keep your guarantee or warranty valid. It’s a small case of not reading the small print that can lead to expensive problems in the future.

Guarantees differ from warranties in that they are legally binding, free, and cover the whole boiler. Warranties may be more specific, only covering certain parts. So you first need to be aware of what type of cover your boiler comes with. It’s always best to try and keep them effective. Here are two important things to look out for in your boiler guarantee.

Having an annual service

Sometimes manufacturing guarantees require you to have a yearly service of your boiler to ensure they stay valid. This is not only an excellent way to make sure you don’t experience any unexpected breakdowns at the worst times, but it also means if your boiler does break you can fall back on the guarantee. For example, the Ideal guarantee for the Logic and Logic+ boiler range states that your boiler should be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer at the end of every twelve months.

If this condition is not met, the guarantee lapses. Meeting these criteria has never been simpler. Plenty of boiler servicing companies offer affordable servicing plans, and they will manage your annual services. This means you don’t have to worry about breaching your guarantee terms and conditions.

Registering your boiler

Some manufacturers require that you register your boiler with them online within a certain time-frame. For example, Worcester-Bosch requires you to register your boiler online with them within 30 days of installation if your guarantee is to remain effective. Other manufacturers may have rules that vary slightly. For example, Vaillant states on their website that failure to register your boiler within 30 days of installation doesn’t result in loss of guarantee. It instead shortens the guarantee to 12 months from the date of installation.

Following these two critical conditions can help you keep your boiler guarantee or warranty valid and avoid costly repairs in the future. To stay on top of the terms and conditions, you should always read them thoroughly during your purchase, despite how daunting the fine print may seem.

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