How energy efficient are you? Take our quiz to find out

Energy efficient quiz

How energy efficient are you? Take our quiz to find out

Over the Christmas period, you might not have realised how much energy you were using in your home. Having just paid for Christmas, being stung by surprise gas, electricity and water costs isn’t what you need. Inefficient boilers, forgetting to turn off appliances, and leaving windows open can lower the temperature and increase the bills.

But do you realise how good or bad you are? Maybe you think you’re an expert at saving energy, so why not take our quick quiz to find out?

Question 1: Let’s start at the beginning, is your boiler up to scratch?

A) Yes, I have invested in regular maintenance.
B) No, why bother? It seems fine.
C) The radiator is making noises; we’ve been ignoring them.

Question 2: Before you leave the house do you turn off the appliances?

A) I always make sure to unplug the kettle, switch off the lights, and unplug chargers.
B) I’m guilty of leaving the lights on or appliances on standby.
C) Why should I switch appliances off?

Question 3: Do you know about energy efficient light bulbs?

A) Yes! I already have some.
B) I have heard of them, but don’t have any.
C) What makes them energy efficient?

Question 4: When you put the heating on, do you shut the windows?

A) Absolutely! Heating bills are expensive.
B) I try to, but sometimes I forget.
C) I never think about it.

Question 5: Have you invested in insulation?

A) Yes! My home is well insulated, and I make sure to keep the drafts out.
B) No insulation but I have thick curtains and double/triple glazed windows.
C) I haven’t invested in any specific ways to keep the heat out.

Question 6: Are you with the best energy supplier for you?

A) Yes, I regularly check out the best deals.
B) I have switched providers a few times.
C) I trust the provider I’m with – why bother changing?

Now you’ve finished the quiz, see how you rank below:

Mostly A: Well done! You know how to keep the cold out, save money, and get the most from the energy in your home.

Mostly B: You’re on the right track, but you could be doing more to ensure that your home is energy efficient. Make sure to invest in regular boiler maintenance, remember to unplug appliances, turn off the lights, and think about installing insulation.

Mostly C: Without realising it, you are probably putting the heating on more than you need to be, risking a broken boiler, and forking out for a costly energy bill. Try investing in an energy efficient boiler, closing the windows, and switching providers.

The first step to making the right change is recognising where you’re going wrong. We’re not here to judge! Hopefully, this quiz is an eye-opener, and you can start to develop better habits. After that, watch your energy bills drop!

At GOS we can install a new and efficient boiler in your home and provide regular maintenance so that you can get the most from your heating. Contact us today on 01772734966 to find out more.

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