Save your shivers: invest in maintenance this winter

Winter maintenance

Save your shivers: invest in maintenance this winter

You wouldn’t want your home to be cold, so why would you risk it happening to your business? A cold office or shop is the perfect way to upset employees, repel customers, and leave yourself open to harsh consequences. Although the law doesn’t state a specific temperature that the workplace should be, reasonable temperatures are usually somewhere between 13-16°C depending on the industry.

Don’t risk your business taking a hit this winter – investing in regular winter maintenance helps you keep your commercial premises from feeling the cold snap.

Winter chill

There are several reasons to invest in regular maintenance. It’s not only essential to keep you and your employees warm, but it can also help prevent costly surprise repairs. Boilers can present issues all year round. One day it’s a broken part, the next it’s a gas leak, and exactly when you don’t want it to happen the whole thing goes kaput. The winter months present their own specific issues, so investing in regular maintenance will help you prevent these problems before they rear their head.

Spread the cost

The cold weather can cause pipes to freeze over. It’s a common problem that affects many homes in the winter, and your business isn’t immune. This pipe problem is likely to cause your boiler to function poorly – leading to an uncomfortably cold workplace. However, catching these problems before they get worse will make all the difference. Regular servicing allows for problems to be solved early on which means that you won’t be left with a costly fee in time for Christmas. Investing in maintenance allows you to spread the cost out over the year.

Maintenance is for all year, not just Christmas. Even in the warmer weather, your boiler can be problematic, so investing in servicing all year round can help to keep your heating system under control.

What we offer

At GOS, we can help you keep your boiler and heating systems working all year round. With both commercial and residential services, we can keep business and homes warm throughout the winter. Don’t be caught out by surprise costs and a cold office. Don’t risk losing clients, customers, and employees spending time away from work. Whether you require a new system or repairs, at GOS we can offer competitive pricing and regular maintenance to ensure that your business doesn’t lose out.

With over 50 years experience, at GOS, we’re no stranger to boiler parts breaking, old systems needing replacing, or fixing gas leaks. We offer a range of boiler services as well as ventilation, air conditioning, and renewable systems. Most importantly, we offer our customers 24-hour emergency repairs so that you and your team aren’t at risk.

If you’re worried your boiler is going to lose you business this Christmas, contact us today on 01772 734 966 to find out how we can help you with your winter maintenance.

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