Time for your new bathroom: Suns out plumbs out!

Bathroom Improvements

Time for your new bathroom: Suns out plumbs out!

As spring comes to an end and summertime begins, you’ll be using our heating and hot water less and less. Without the urgent need of heat, summer is the best time of year to have your wonderful new bathroom installed with as little hassle as possible.

Summer renovations

What with the recent heat we’ve been having, now is the perfect opportunity. You can rest easy, knowing that the nights are warm enough to sleep pleasantly through without heating. Though you never know with our weather, so our team does their best to ensure that you’re without facilities for a little as possible. Then when your new bathroom has been installed, think of how amazing it will be to cool off in a handpicked shower. Refurbishing rooms are always a great way to improve your home. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms!

Timing is everything

One thing to consider during the hot weather is water. It might be fine to cope without heating during the summer, but water is a must-have! If your new bathroom requires your water to be turned off, then be sure to keep yourself and your family hydrated. Stock up on bottled water or politely ask to borrow a kindly neighbour’s tap to beat the heat.

We’ll help from start to finish

GOS work with various partners across Preston, Blackpool, and Blackburn. Come into any of our showrooms and see for yourself. You’ll be guided from design to installation by professionals to make sure that the process of installing your new bathroom is as quick and easy as we can make it. What better way to enjoy the summer than to outfit yourself with a brand new, personally tailored new bathroom to cool off in?


GOS Heating has over 50 years experience providing affordable boiler care to all types of properties and home improvements. If you are looking for a professional, reliable, and honest plumbing service to install your new bathroom, why not give us a try. Contact us on 01772734966, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your plumbing needs.

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