Finding a reliable heating engineer for your estate agency.

Finding a reliable heating engineer for your estate agency

There are many reasons that might cause you to look for a new heating engineer. As an estate agent, maybe you’re looking for more convenient, reliable servicing. Perhaps some of your properties are in need of a safety check or emergency boiler repair. Whatever the reason, knowing what to look for in your heating engineers can make the whole process much easier. Follow this checklist and you will never have to worry about heating for your tenants again.

Are the heating engineers qualified for your needs?

Anyone fitting gas appliances needs to be Gas Safe Registered by law. This lets you know that they can work safely on your property and have been thoroughly trained. To check that your engineer is safe, you can check the Gas Safe Register to see if they are on there. The register allows you to tick the work you need to be done and returns a list of those qualified to do all required tasks.

Do your heating engineers specialise in gas?

You may assume that all heating companies work with gas. Most do but many also carry out plumbing and other work meaning their skillset can be scattered. Look for a company whose engineers work regularly and have extensive experience working with gas. They will be more familiar and skilled with a range of boiler brands and will be on top of the latest regulations.

How easy are they to contact?

It goes without saying that you need to be able to easily contact your heating company. In the event of an emergency, the faster the response, the better. Even if you want to ask a simple question, fast contact will make your life a lot simpler.

What are their emergency response times like?

Heating emergencies often strike at the worst times; like the winter, when the heat is needed most. For estate agents working with a range of tenants, it is imperative that your heating company responds immediately to emergencies. Heating problems can be dangerous and even fatal to vulnerable groups like the elderly.

Do they keep organised records?

Estate agents have a large number of properties to keep track of. It helps if your heating company also keeps thorough records to remind you when services have taken place and which properties need servicing soon. This is more efficient than scrambling over your records every time you lease a property.

Do they offer PAT testing?

If the company offers portable appliance testing (PAT), this is an added bonus. It allows you to get heating services and PAT at the same time meaning you can keep costs down on essential work.

By asking yourself these six questions, it will be easy to gauge whether a particular heating engineer or company is for you. Building a good relationship with a reliable heating company will improve your landlord and tenant satisfaction. If your estate agency is particularly busy, you could even consider hiring a few companies to make sure you are always covered.


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