Home improvements: should you find a professional or go DIY?

Home improvements

Home improvements: use a professional or go DIY?

Home improvement often feels never-ending. There’s always a job to do: the bathroom needs re-tiling, the living room’s desperate for another coat of paint, and those blocked gutters are causing problems.

For many of these jobs, DIY is the answer to get it done quickly and cost-effectively. However, larger, more complex home improvement projects aren’t so simple. They take time, require skill and experience, and can even be dangerous. Before diving right in and doing it yourself, let’s look at the advantages of calling in a professional.

Do you have the time?

When it comes to bigger, more complicated projects, chances are you may be able to complete it yourself. But it’s likely to take twice as long as a professional – perhaps even longer.

Projects like this often take more time than expected because of problems you encounter along the way. With a lack of experience, it’s easy to make mistakes and you have to waste time fixing them.

This can cause a great deal of stress for you and your family. A professional contractor will have experience dealing with similar jobs and give expert estimates about how long a job will really take.

Can you do it as efficiently as a professional?

There is a myth going around that it’s cheaper for homeowners to take on home improvement projects themselves. This may be true for smaller projects. But jobs that require skill and experience are generally more cost-effective when using a professional.

As costly mistakes are expensive to fix, lack of skill and knowledge can really bring up the costs of a project. This is particularly true for complex jobs such as boiler problems and plumbing and heating systems. In the worst-case scenario, failing to do a good job could even hurt the value of your home.

Professional contractors also have the added benefit of access to discounted high-quality materials and tools from industry contractors and wholesalers.

Clearly, the choice between DIY and hiring a professional is much more than money alone. Contractors can also offer a greater degree of safety, professionalism, quality, and efficiency. When you weigh up these benefits, it’s no wonder so many homeowners choose professional-quality work.

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