The importance of boiler service cover for your home

Boiler Servicing

The importance of boiler service cover for your home

Who’s idea was it to have rugby matches in the winter? Surely, things like this should be strictly scheduled for summer time. That way, you wouldn’t end up standing out in the blistering cold, pretending you can see how your kids are playing through the blinding rain. Why can’t you be more like Ben’s dad? He always has one of those massive umbrellas, and a little camping chair – the perfect setup. But, disorganised as ever, all you’ve got for protection is a flimsy raincoat. It isn’t doing much. It’s not the manageable kind of rain either. That would make your life too easy. It’s the drizzling rain that comes blasting in sideways and soaks you right through to your bones. Your jeans are stuck to your legs, and your fingers are turning a concerning shade of pale yellow.

But, no children’s sports match can last all day, even if it feels like it. It’s not long until you are putting plastic bags on the back seats so that the kids don’t get mud everywhere. You bundle all of your sopping wet clothes into a black bag in the boot. The car has that gross mud-mixed-with-sweat smell clogging the air, but it won’t be long until you get home. Then everyone can take a relaxing, hot shower and have a cup of tea. Maybe you’ll let the kids go in first so you can have a bath. It’s been a while.

You’ve only just got your foot through the door. You haven’t even managed to remove the rest of your wet clothes before you hear, ‘THE SHOWER ISN’T WORKING!’ from upstairs. What? It was fine this morning. You walk into the bathroom, and there is your child, shivering, with their mud-caked ankles poking out from under their towel. ‘There’s no hot water,’ they say, and they’re right. You can hold your hand under that freezing shower head for as long as you want, it’s showing no signs of life.

To be fair, today has been the first noticeably cold day in months. You have only used your boiler to heat the water for some very quick showers over the past few months, but, you haven’t asked your boiler to do anything major. It’s after long periods of inactivity like this that boilers start to break down. Their irregular use during the warmer months means you don’t realise that your boiler may be having problems. This leads to the unfortunate, but all too common, situations like the one just described. You end up boilerless when you need it most.

Why are we mentioning this now when the weather is so beautiful outside? These warmer months are when most boilers go into their period of inactivity. They are also the months where you should get a boiler service so that you can be sure when you are in desperate need of some heat and hot-water, you have a fully functioning boiler. This could be at any time, knowing what the British weather is like.

All you need to give yourself peace of mind is an excellent boiler service cover provider. Having one in place means you can rest assured your boiler will get the servicing it needs, before the winter sets in. If something does happen, you will pay no extra fees for an emergency call out, and you can be up and running again in a few hours.

GOS Heating LTD can’t stress enough how essential regular maintenance is for your boiler. Our simple boiler service cover allows you to pay a small amount per month so you can rest at ease, knowing you are covered if anything goes wrong. Get in touch today on 01772 734 966 to find out more about our affordable service cover options.

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