Transforming basic bedsits into desirable homes – Royce Court

Royce Court – Case Study

Project Description

GOS Heating Ltd had been awarded works for the Conversion of 12 Bedsits to 8 (1-bedroom flats) at Royce Court, Manchester Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0SQ

The scheme was originally constructed in 1983 as a three-storey sheltered block including a lift, lounge, laundry, guest facilities and gardens for the use of the residents. The property is of traditional construction with a flat roof over the main sections of the building. A more recent addition is provided to form the main entrance.
The property provides sheltered housing for over 50’s, in a scheme which has site staff available during the working hours to help support the residents within the scheme.
Previous phases of works at the scheme have proved successful in the conversion of the existing bed-sit accommodation to provide 1-bedroom flats and phase 5 of the works are proposed 12. No bed-sits, 10 of which are void to provide 8, 1 bedroom flats.

Scope of Project

  • Phase 1 – This project has been split into 12 phases, these are as following:
  • Phase 2 – Site Set up & Safe working Systems in place
  • Phase 3 – Demolition to 4 sets of 3 bedsits
  • Phase 4 – Alterations to form 8 new flats
  • Phase 5 – Internal Walls, Partitions and Internal Doors to 8 new flats
  • Phase 6 – Wall, Floor and Ceiling Finishes to 8 new flats
  • Phase 7 – Fittings and Furniture Sanitary
  • Phase 8 – Appliances, Internal Drainage and Water Installations
  • Phase 9 – Heating to 4 new flats
  • Phase 10 – Electrical and Communications Installations
  • Phase 11 – Ventilating
  • Phase 12 – Finishes
  • Phase 13 – Commissioning & Sign Off


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Progress Gallery


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Feedback (excerpt taken from Onward’s Press Release)

How did you respond when you heard all the positive comments from customers about the new apartments and service provided by the operatives?

“In fairness, I didn’t expect anything else. I have had such positive comments from Onward colleagues as well as the customers throughout the project.

I have never been involved in a project that has had so many compliments about the workforce as this. While on-site, I saw how customers interacted with GOS operatives and how complementary they were.

In fact, I think some of the ladies really enjoyed themselves while hosing down some of the younger workmen on one, particularly hot day!”

Paul Minshull, Building Surveyor, Onward.


What are your thoughts on the service provided by GOS throughout the project?

“I must say a very big thank you to Peter and all his team from GOS Ltd, especially Will who has been an extremely good and helpful Site Manager.

They have all worked extremely hard and the project has run extremely well, even though we had to move two customers while we installed plumbing work in their flats.

The work involved taking down ceilings and partition walls, installing the necessary plumbing and reinstating. However, the disruption was managed excellently on site between Will and David and we had no complaints from the customers.

More than this, GOS offered to extend a communal patio area for customers entirely free of charge.

Overall, a good effort by all involved and we’re looking forward to working with GOS Ltd on future projects.”

Paul Minshull, Building Surveyor, Onward.



Additional Reading: Onward’s Piece on the project here.

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