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Challenging Project at Renaissance Court

The Initial Challenge 

Onward at Renaissance Court had an emergency in that in the middle of summer the cooling side of the chiller failed which resulted in major discomfort in the offices due to over heating as the system couldn’t cool the building down. Staff had to be advised to work from home.

GOS Heating quickly made a quick repair in order to keep the systems running but it was clear that a replacement was urgently required.

The challenge was how to get the old unit out and the new unit in?

What did GOS propose as a plan?

Working with Mitsubishi and utilising their latest technology, a design was developed that used their modular systems so that the replacement units could be lifted as units and then joined together to make one system.

Although the overall cost of the installation was more expensive than a straight replacement the subsequent savings on their energy bills more than offset the initial additional costs of the better technology.

A custom designed controls panel had to be developed by GOS Heating in order to interface with to the existing building energy management system.


The original units had to be craned off. Whilst the old equipment was being removed, a new supporting steel frame had to be fabricated in order to support the new units.

The new units were then craned into place. The pipework to the building systems were reconfigured to suit the new equipment. This included reconfiguring a new header system together with the pipework in the plant room to suit the new units.


The client was delighted with the result because comfort levels were restored and staff could work from the offices again and because comfort levels were restored, productivity improved.

More Information

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