Your dream home is only a showroom away…

showrooms are great ways to see what you're getting

Your dream home is only a showroom away…

Do you ever find yourself flipping through the pages of a catalogue or scrolling through endless pages on the internet to find inspiration for your redecorating project? You probably feel anxious throughout the process hoping you can replicate the 2D images online. We don’t believe that you should buy whatever you find first. Whether you need a new shower or boiler, when it comes to your dream home, never settle. Why would you, when you could visit a showroom, see the products in real life and be able to talk to experts about what you want.

Don’t settle on a bathroom that isn’t to your taste and needs. Despite the heatwave, winter will be here soon; right now is the best time of the year to get that refurb started. Whether you want to make improvements or install an entirely new shower completely, GOS are happy to help.

Showrooms are brilliant because you can walk in and see what this or that will look like – until you finally walk through a set up that feels just like home; that’s not a feeling you can get from paper or a screen.


You might not even realise what your dream bathroom looks like yet, a few online searches will only return your specific searches, but you never know what inspiration will hit you when you walk through a showroom. It’s not just about how things look but the texture of things too – until Google finds a way to let you reach through your screen, it can’t beat the in-store feel of the interior.


Do you feel comfortable investing in a product you haven’t seen in real life? Even if it has good reviews, it doesn’t mean it’s the right product for you. Making the best investment takes time; don’t rush to buy something based on what you have only seen online.


What you consider to be a quality product, and what someone else leaving a review online finds to be of high quality, can be completely different. Experience for yourself our quality interior by stopping by our showroom and decide for yourself what is worth your investment.

Get exactly what you need

Online shopping is all well and good, but what if you need to ask questions and ask for advice? At our showroom, our experts will be on hand to help and to answer any queries you have whether you need help to understand shower installations or how our underfloor heating works, our staff will be happy to help.

At GOS Heating, we want to provide you with the best in everything from shower installation to boiler repair, to underfloor heating. For more information, give us a call on 01772 734 966 or visit our website for more details at

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