Winter is coming – When should you turn the heating on?

when should you turn on your heating

Winter is coming – When should you turn the heating on?

We are approaching the start of Autumn, and unfortunately, it won’t be long until temperatures start to plummet. This gives rise to the yearly debate of when to turn the heating on. We get different answers from the environmentally conscious, the thrifty, and those susceptible to the cold.

But, there is no one right answer, or a set date, determining when it’s time to kick start your heating for the coming winter. We can only offer you this piece of advice: Turn your heating on when you need to. That’s not a very helpful answer, you might think. However, if you’re concerned about the impact of your heating on carbon emissions, or the price of your energy bills which are always on the rise, the answer lies in the word ‘need’.

Many things can influence your need to turn the heating on. Taking advantage of these can save you money, and the environment. So, let’s take a look.

Let the heat spread

The time will come when the temperature is too cold. You will need to turn your heating on, even just for a short while. But, until then, as temperatures begin their slow decline, you can make small changes to keep temperatures within the home comfortable.

When you cook, shower, or run a bath, it’s a great idea to leave inside doors open. It helps the heat escape into the other rooms of your house. This goes against the common misconception that keeping inside doors closed helps keep the house warm. Sometimes, it stops warm air reaching the whole house.

Prepare for faux winter

A sudden drop in temperatures during the transition from summer to autumn can create a phenomenon known as faux winter. During this time, we feel like the weather is much colder than it is. Every year faux winter leads thousands of households to turn the heating on prematurely, costing them money.

If temperatures drop, try taking a few other measures to help you adjust. Put on a jumper. Parents don’t just say this to complaining children for no reason – it works. A few extra layers can extend your heating-free period by over a month. Add blankets to the sofa. When we are stationary, like when we are sat on the settee, that’s when we start to feel the cold. Particularly if you have leather furniture, a blanket underneath you will make you feel much cosier.

Be smart

There will come the point when faux winter is out, and real winter is in. Even so, this doesn’t always mean it’s time for the big switch on. You can take measures to ensure your house is as insulated as possible, keeping heat in and winter out. When you get in your car, it will be tempting to blast the heat. But, when you get out and go into your house, it will make your home feel colder than it is.

Try to refrain from turning the heat up in the car. That will stop you over-using your heating at home. Also, make sure areas where the heat escapes in your home are covered. Add a chimney balloon to stop heat leaving via the chimney. Get thick heavy curtains to prevent heat from seeping out through the windows. You can even hang fabric across doors to stop the warmth from squeezing through the gaps.

These are a few tips to keep your energy bills low and be kinder to the environment by reducing your need for heating in the next coming months. But there will come a time when you need your boiler to kick in and do its job. Are you sure yours is ready?

If you need a check-up, or want to make sure your boiler is covered in the winter when you need it most, get in touch with GOS heating today on 01772 734 966. We provide professional and affordable service cover, so you never have to worry.

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