Service cover for you and your home

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Service cover for you and your home

James Otis once said, ‘A man’s home is his castle’. He probably should have said palace instead considering most castles don’t have hot, running water or heating. And nobody wants that. But you get the point. Your house is something grand that you should be proud of. So why would you allow it to go without a soul-warming shower, or effective central heating to take the bitter edge off? A house isn’t a home unless you’re happy in it, so don’t settle for anything less than happiness, get boiler service cover.

Going to a showroom

Getting the home you want is made easier with the help of local showrooms. Seeing what fixtures you are buying for your home, and how they function, can save you a lot of heartaches further down the line. We have all heard the tragic stories about ordering things online, only to find out they are nothing like their picture. Imagine having to tell your friends you were catfished by a boiler this way. Make this an impossibility by visiting your local showroom.

At a showroom you not only see what you are buying, but there is also expert help on site to advise you on what products are best for your home. You can start building your palace there and then, seeing what your fixtures would look like next to each other. You will leave with peace of mind that your home will look stylish, rather than making your best guess.

Visiting a showroom is the best way to build your bathroom. But what’s the point in having a beautiful bathroom without the water to fulfil its purpose? The most fundamentally important thing in making your house a home is ensuring that it functions as it should so you can live your life without constant worry and irritation.

Boiler service cover

It’s inevitable that sometimes accidents will happen. Perhaps a burst pipe, or maybe your boiler breaks down suddenly. These things do happen, but they are not unsolvable. Excellent boiler service cover means you can have a plumber or heating engineer at your door in minutes to solve the issue. But, just like going to the showroom before purchasing fixtures to ensure you don’t have any problems later, it’s also easier to prevent boiler and plumbing breakdowns before they happen and make your home unlivable.

For only a few pounds a month you can make sure the perfect bathroom you put together also functions flawlessly. Boiler service cover provides you with annual boiler check-ups to prevent any disruptive breakdowns and check it is safe. If anything were to happen, you can have emergency callouts at no extra cost, so there is minimal effect on your life.

GOS Heating could be your answer to a life of luxury. Not only do we know the best fixtures to install in your home, and where best to find them. We also provide the most effective service cover in the UK. For more information, give us a call on 01772 734 966 or visit our website for more details at

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