Boiler Installation Blackpool

Boiler Installation Blackpool

Installation Services From GOS Heating

Here at GOS Heating, we offer professional boiler installation services to clients throughout Blackpool and the surrounding areas. We’ve offered boiler installations to Blackpool-based clients for many years now, which is one of the main reasons why we firmly believe that we should be your first and only port of call for boiler installations, anywhere in the Blackpool area.

If you’d like additional information on the boiler installation services that we offer in Blackpool, be sure to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way we possibly can.

Reputable and Reliable Boiler Installations

When you require a super speedy, trustworthy plumbing and heating company, you can depend on GOS Heating to be there for you. Our team take pride in the work they do and will ensure that you are satisfied with your new boiler, the installation process and the finished product.

We have a real passion for what we do, and we feel that this shows in every single one of the boiler installations that we carry out throughout Blackpool and the surrounding areas. We also pride ourselves on the high level of customer service that we provide alongside all of the boiler installation services that we offer, and on the fact that we constantly go the extra mile for our valued customers, time and time again!

We have an ever growing, happy customer base in Blackpool and the surrounding area, along with a reputation for quality and efficiency in our products and services.

Boiler Installation Blackpool
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Boiler Installation Process

Boiler installations can be a complicated process, and it can be difficult to explain the complete boiler installation process to our customers. The team of boiler installation experts here at GOS Heating will do whatever is required when it comes to ensuring that you receive an efficient boiler installation service in Blackpool. Our engineers will also do their best to cause as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

We are recognised for our boiler installations throughout Blackpool, for many reasons. From the product we gain access to, to our customer services; we are always on hand to deal with your boiler installations in Blackpool. Some of the most general reasons for having a new boiler installation include:

  • When a repair is too costly
  • The original boiler is broken
  • New property build
  • A new boiler is due or age of current boiler
  • House renovations that put too much pressure on the boiler

Whether your current boiler has problems that are too costly to fix, or you’re going through a property renovation that your existing boiler can’t cope with, we can help. Things like installing additional radiators to your home can put your current boiler under too much pressure. Meaning a larger boiler will usually be required.

Benefits of Having a New Boiler Installed

Boiler installations are highly beneficial and can save you money in the future. Some of the top benefits of a new boiler installation include:

The energy saving trust estimates that a central heating boiler is responsible for 60% of your household energy bills, so having a more efficient boiler can make a sizeable difference to your bills.

Using a heating controller with TRVs and a room thermostat allows you to set the temperature in each room separately.

Due to improved design and better use of materials, new boilers can be significantly quieter than older type boilers.

Modern boilers tend to be smaller than their older counterparts and there are more options for siting them on walls rather than floors.

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Boiler Installation Services Blackpool

Types of Boilers We Offer in Blackpool

At GOS Heating we can provide you with three different types of Boilers for your Blackpool home. All of which one of our fully trained and qualified engineers will advise you on the best choice for your home. The three types of Boilers we supply are; Combi Boilers, System Boilers, Regular Boilers.

A combi (combination) boiler is a compact unit that heats both your water and your central heating. As they do not require a hot water storage cylinder or cold-water storage tank they take up little space and are ideal for smaller homes.

They also benefit from being cost-effective and energy-efficient as they heat water directly from the mains rather than storing it, this also means hot water is delivered at mains pressure.

A system boiler heats your central heating system by pumping hot water to the radiators and stores hot water in a storage cylinder.  This means there is plenty of hot water whenever it is needed, and built-in components make the boiler quicker and easier to install.

The system boiler provides a constant supply of hot water to any number of taps at the same time making them ideal for homes with more than one bathroom.

Regular boilers are also known as ‘heat only boilers’ or ‘conventional boilers. If you have a cold-water storage cistern in your loft, then it’s likely you already have a regular boiler.

As well as cold-water storage you’ll also require a hot water cylinder that is often stored in an airing cupboard. This system is ideal for homes that use a lot of hot water at the same time, and in areas of low water pressure.

What Happens When I Choose GOS Heating for Boiler Installations

When you choose our experienced team of boiler installation specialists, we will come out to your property and carry out a survey of your home. From this survey, we can assess the needs of your home and family, our engineer will then recommend a boiler and give you a quote for your installation. Once a price and boiler have been agreed, we’ll arrange for a time to carry out your boiler installation.

Call GOS Heating For Boiler Installations In Blackpool

If you’re based in Blackpool or the surrounding areas and you require additional information on the boiler installation services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding the boiler installation services that we provide throughout Blackpool and the surrounding areas.

We also offer boiler installations in Preston and Blackburn.

Offering Boiler Installations throughout Blackpool

Frequently Asked Questions About Boiler Installations in Blackpool

Replacing your boiler can have a number of benefits for your home or business. Our boiler installations ensure that you’ll be fitted with a boiler that’s a lot more energy efficient and that is also of a higher quality than your existing model. A new boiler is an investment and will also give you a hotter water supply and an improved heating system.

Although we can’t guarantee a reduction in your energy bills, a number of our customers have noticed a drop in the cost of their energy bills. A new boiler can mean more efficient hot water and heating systems, meaning you may not need to use it as much, which will lead to lower energy bills.

Of course! GOS Heating are happy to provide finance options for boiler installations in Blackpool. We understand that a new boiler is an investment, so we will always do our best to help to make the costs more affordable. Contact our team today for more information.