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Amount Borrowed £1000.00 £1000.00 £1000.00
Term (Months) 60 60 60
APR 5.9% 14.9% 12.9%
Total Amount Repayable £1153.00 £1395.00 £1340.40

New Boiler? Spread the Costs with Boiler Finance from GOS Heating

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Boiler Finance Blackburn

If your new boiler has come as a surprise, look no further and come to GOS Heating for boiler finance in Blackburn. Our team have the answer to your new boiler, without any worry of unaffordable, unrealistic repayments. Having offered boiler installations for over 50 years’ now, our team are the professionals you can count on for your every need. We want to take away to stress and worry of having a new boiler, and we believe that our boiler finance does just that. With easy, affordable repayments on your boiler finance, getting a new boiler needn’t be a worry, especially with a team like GOS Heating here to take care of you.

Here at GOS Heating, we are proud to offer boiler finance in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. With the flexibility on repayments, you can always count on GOS Heating for the best deal on your boiler finance in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. So, if you require Blackburn Boiler Finance it’s good to know that GOS Heating are the professionals to count on who offer amazing options.

Boiler Finance Options

What are my boiler finance options? Well, with GOS Heating they’re simple. Take your boiler finance over 5 or 10 years, or enjoy our buy now and pay later service. Not only will this give you maximum flexibility on your finances, but it takes away the worry of being able to afford your new boiler. Please see our boiler finance options below, for further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact GOS Heating today and we will be happy to talk your options through.

  • 5.9% on 5 or 10 year finance
  • 6.9% on buy now and pay later



Our finance is through: Shermin Finance Limited, 48-40 Priory Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1LQ. Established in 1976, Shermin Finance has more than 40 years’ experience in Home Improvement Finance. More information can be found at

Benefits of Boiler Finance

Choosing boiler finance can have many benefits, from less worry to easy repayments. We strongly believe that boiler finance is an amazing service and is very handy for homeowners in Blackburn. No matter your reasons for having boiler finance in Blackburn, you can expect to experience many benefits, some of which include:

  1. Easy repayments
  2. Affordable solution to a new boiler
  3. Less stress and money worries
  4. 5 and 10 year repayments available
  5. Low rates available


GOS Heating have been providing boiler finance in Blackburn and the surrounding areas for many years now. Our team are here to help with all your boiler related needs, taking away the stress and worry than is often associated with a new boiler. Don’t let your boiler take over your time and come to GOS Heating for affordable, reasonable, and realistic repayments with our boiler finance in Blackburn.

Contact GOS Heating

If you require boiler finance and live within the Blackburn area, GOS Heating are the team to call on. Having offered our boiler services in Blackburn for many years now, our team are here to cater to all your boiler related needs. So, look no further than our professionals for your boiler finance in Blackburn and GOS Heating today to find out more. We’re happy to discuss your finance options through with you and come up with the best finance deal for your specific needs.

We also offer boiler finance in Preston, Bolton, Wigan, Lancaster and Blackpool.