Time for a bathroom installation; don’t forget your bathroom etiquette!

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Time for a bathroom installation; don’t forget your bathroom etiquette!

Now the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to fit your new bathroom installation. There’s no need to worry about cold, sleepless nights while the heating and water are turned off, so you can finally make a start on your refurbishment. You’ve been planning it for months. But, do you know who hasn’t? All the people who are about to be kind enough to let you intrude on their lives. While your bathroom installation is happening, where are you going to shower? At a friend’s? At the local swimming pool? Is that weird? Whose toilet are you going to use? You could probably ask the neighbours, but do you think they would say yes? In the UK, we live and breathe politeness. So, here are a few simple tips to make sure your bathroom installation doesn’t become every Brit’s worst nightmare.

Asking to use the bathroom

We know you’re not in school anymore, but this is a case where asking to use the bathroom is actually necessary. Using a neighbour’s toilet while yours isn’t working is the most logical and convenient solution to your problems. But deciding whether you should ask them depends on how well you know them. Not many people want a stranger wandering their house and they may find it intrusive. Is their toilet easy to access or do you need walking boots to get there? Neighbours are more likely to agree with you using their bathroom if it’s just a small one on the bottom floor. If you don’t know them that well, or know that your presence will be disruptive, it’s best to stick with family and good friends, even if they are further away.


Don’t just show up out of the blue whenever nature calls. Try your best to give advance warning of when you will need to use their bathroom. It is best to ask beforehand what times would be best for them and plan accordingly. Showing up unexpected is rude. They could be in the middle of a dinner party, or a heated argument, and you are just going to stroll up and ask to use the shower, oblivious. Don’t. Plan your visits to save everyone a lot of awkwardness and be as quick as possible.


Don’t be messy. No one goes out of their way to make a mess of someone else’s home. But, what is tidy to you might be another person’s cluttered hell. Take note of your surroundings and leave everything the way you found it. Clean up wet floors and surfaces and rinse the shower. The homeowners will appreciate it and when the time comes for you to share your bathroom with them in their time of need, they will show you the same courtesy.

We know that sometimes necessary plumbing work can be inconvenient. This is why we focus on making bathroom fittings as quick and simple as possible so you can get back to your routine in no time. Call us today on 01772734966 for more information on how we can make your bathroom fitting easier.

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