Why an A-rated boiler is the best choice for your home

A-rated boiler

Why an A-rated boiler is the best choice for your home

You’ve probably seen the A to G rating scale on new boilers (or many other appliances). But you might be less familiar with what that means for your household. Or, more importantly, your wallet. This rating is simply a measure of boiler efficiency, and each letter often comes with a percentage measurement of efficiency. It looks like this:

A – 90% and above

B – 86% – 90%

C – 82% – 86%

D – 78% – 82%

E – 74% – 78%

F – 70% – 74%

G – Below 70%

Most modern boilers are now A-rated, as they are incredibly efficient. More and more boilers are even being rated A+, A++, and A+++, which are so efficient they have outgrown the original scale. There are models that, while expensive, are 100% efficient. A-rated boilers and above are a spectacular advancement in technology, in response to our overconsumption of fossil fuels, increasing contribution to climate change, and rising energy prices.

If it isn’t broke, fix it anyway

Buying an A-rated boiler means you invest in efficiency. Essentially, this allows you to get more heat per each unit of energy you purchase, making your money go further. If you were to compare an A-rated boiler with a D, E, F, or G boiler, or even B and C, you would notice a marked increase in energy consumption to get the same output. Therefore, investing in energy efficient boilers is one of the best ways to save money on your household bills and lead a greener life.

Even when they’re not broken, low-rated energy efficiency boilers will lead to you spending more than you need to as they waste a lot of energy unnecessarily. This is a rare case when the adage ‘don’t fix it if it isn’t broken’ doesn’t ring true.

If you’re still using an inefficient boiler, upgrading to an A-rated one will be an excellent investment for you and the planet. And, the availability of these boilers is better than ever at affordable prices, so don’t wait around for energy prices to increase further.

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