How to get the most out of your boiler

Get the most out of your boiler

How to get the most out of your boiler

Despite the wide range of boilers and finance plans, buying and installing a new one isn’t exactly cheap. The average boiler lifespan is between ten and fifteen years. Taking care of your unit won’t just maximise the value of your investment, it could also help it last much longer than expected. So, here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your boiler!

Service your boiler annually

This is the best way to ensure your boiler stays healthy for longer. The best time to service it is during the summer. That way, you’ll know of any problems well before winter so you can address them before you need the heating. You can easily prevent unexpected breakdowns by signing up for a reliable, inexpensive service cover from a reputable heating expert.

Ask your heating company to add an inhibitor

This will protect your heating system from the build-up of limescale and sludge which, if left unchecked, can cause cold spots on radiators. This means your boiler has to work harder, costing you more money.

Get your heating engineer to install a magnetic filter

Often, sludge in your radiator comes from rust. A magnetic filter can pull this rust out of the system, allowing for efficient heating. They are even better when used with an inhibitor.

Switch the boiler on during summer

An unexpected breakdown is most likely to arise after long periods of inactivity, such as during warmer months, making things difficult when winter rolls around. Switching your boiler on for small periods throughout the summer keeps all the parts working, ready for winter.

Bleed your radiators

Air sometimes gets trapped in your radiators which can put pressure on the boiler and lead to inefficient heating of your home. Bleeding them allows you to release unwanted air and makes sure they heat up properly.

Insulate outdoor pipes/condensate pipes

A frozen condensate pipe is one of the most common causes for boiler breakdowns in the winter. But the problem is easy to prevent. You can easily insulate your outdoor pipes by buying inexpensive insulation materials from your local DIY shop. This could save you hundreds of pounds this winter.

Doing these things will keep your boiler in top condition and as efficient as ever, helping to keep your heating bills down. In this day and age, anything that can save you money isn’t a bad idea!

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